AngularJs Boot camp

This Front Angular Boot Camp covers all the content and courses that a learner would need to Get started as a front-end web developer using Angular the second generation AngularJS, JavaScript Framework. Creating rich user interfaces with powerful controls, quickly and easily. Angular is clean and light and is used in many high-performance websites.

Course Outline

Getting Started

  • Plunker
  • Intro to TypeScript.
  • Writing our first app.
  • String Interpolation
  • Looping
  • Property & Event Binding
  • Domain Model
  • Nesting Components & Inputs.
  • User Interaction & Outputs
  • ES6 JavaScript & TypeScript Overview

Angular CLI


  • Architecting with Components
  • Templates, Styles & View Encapsulation
  • Content Projection
  • Lifecycle Hooks
  • ViewChildren & ContentChildren

Built-in Directives

  • NgIf & NgSwitch.
  • NgStyle & NgClass .
  • NgNonBindable
  • Structural Directives.

Custom Directives

  • HostListener & HostBinding
  • Inputs & Configuration

Reactive Programming with RxJS

  • Streams & Reactive Programming
  • Observables & RxJS .
  • RxJS & Angular


  • Built-in Pipes
  • Async Pipe .
  • Custom Pipes


  • Model Driven Forms
  • Model Driven Form Validation
  • Submitting & Resetting
  • Reactive Model Form
  • Template Driven Forms

Dependency Injection & Providers.

  • Injectors
  • Provider
  • Tokens
  • Configuring Dependency Injection in Angular
  • NgModule.providers vs Component.providers vs Component.viewProviders


  • Core HTTP API
  • HTTP Example with Promises.
  • HTTP Example with Observables.
  • JSONP Example with Observables.


  • Route Configuration.
  • Navigation.
  • Parameterised Routes
  • Nested Routes.
  • Router Guards
  • Routing Strategies

Career benefit of this course

  •  front end web developer
  • Angular Developer

The strength in your qualification

On successful completion of this web development bootcamp, the learner will receive the Pine Valley Institute  Certificate in Angular Developer .We are  accredited by MICT-SETA and also we assist you to sit for Oracle (click here to see advantages of oracle certify developers) certified web developers which guarantees the graduate employment in any reputable company

Job placement after attending this Boot Camp

To book a space for this web Development Boot camp starting  1st week of January 2018 complete the form below and we will call you within the hour

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