This Boot Camp is for learners who wish to understand the “Ins” and “Out” of Google online marketing .Adwords is Google’s advertising service for businesses wanting to display their ads on the Google search and display networks.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to AdWords
    • Search Engine Rankings, adverts, and their positions. Understand the content network.
    • The Google ad auction
  • AdWords interface
    • Campaign settings.
    • Network settings display vs search
    • Location, ad scheduling and delivery methods
    • Structure: Campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords
    • Bid vs Budget
    • Ad extensions
  • Optimising Campaign Quality
    • Relevance, Click Through Ratio, and quality score
    • Website Research
    • Competitive Research
  • Creating an Advert
    • Design and implement advert
    • Ad variations and relevancy
    • Setting your bid level
    • Testing and disapproval
  • Choosing Keywords
    • Goal
    • Keyword Types:phrase, exact match, broad
    • Negative match keywords
    • Improve quality score
  • Billing and Activation
    • Credit card Info
    • Manual vs Automatic
    • Vouchers
    • Linking Google Analytics to AdWords
    • Auto-tagging
  • Performance Evaluation
    • Test and refine
    • Measure results
    • Using Reports to manage your campaigns effectiveness.

Careers benefits of this course

  • SEO specialist
  • Professional Online Marketer

The strength in your qualification

On successful completion of Google Advertisement Boot Camp, the learner will receive the Pine Valley Institute  Certificate in Google Advertisement  which guarantees the graduate employment in any reputable company

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