This back end JavaScript Boot camp course covers all the content and  that a learner would need in order to start working as a java script Developer .JavaScript make your web site more dynamic and interactive using the JavaScript programming language. JavaScript is currently the worlds most popular coding language; it’s relatively easy to learn compared to other programming languages and can make a massive difference to your website.

Course Outline

  • Introducing JavaScript
    • What is JavaScript .. JScript or ECMA Script?
    • What can it do for Web Developers?
  • Performing Operations
    • Javscript operators and their usage , including order of precedence.
  • Making Statements
    • The rules of JavaScript Syntax.
  • Using Arrays
    • Create indexed and associative arrays.
  • Date and Time
    • Use date and time objects in your code,as well as set timeouts.
  • Doing Mathematics
    • Useful functions that perform maths like round and random.
  • Working with Strings
    • HTML is string data so manipulating strings is crucial in JavaScript. Learn about the most commonly used strings.
  • Adressing Page Objects
    • Learn about the DOM (Document Object Model) and how you can use this to manipulate elements on you page.
  • Windows Properties
    • The window is the top level object in the DOM.
  • Document Properties
    • The documen include all the HTML.
  • Form Properties
    • Forms are important in building interactive sites. They allow the user to enter data.
  • Event Handlers
    • JavaScript can react to events, either generated by the user or elements loading.
  • Javascript and DHTML
    • DHTML pages make use of hidden HTML that is positioned in layers and can be made visible on events.

Career benefit of this course

  • web developer
  • front end web developer
  • advanced java-script developer

The strength in your qualification

On successful completion of this JavaScript boot camp, the learner will receive the Pine Valley Institute  Certificate as a Java Script Developer.We assist you to sit for JavaScript  certification  which guarantees the graduate employment in any reputable company

To book a space for this web Development Boot camp starting  1st week of January 2018 complete the form below and we will call you within an hour Guarantee!

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