This Laravel Beginner Boot camp covers all the content and courses that a learner would need to get started as a Laravel developer using laravel .Laravel is a PHP framework for rapid development. It uses the MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern to separates the web application into three different components. This course provides a great Laravel tutorial for beginners.

Course Outline

  • Downloading and installing Laravel
  • Using Composer to install PHP classes
  • Artisan (the Laravel command line tool)
  • Routes
  • Views
  • Blade templates
  • Controllers
  • Migrations
  • Models
  • Eloquent

Career benefit of this course

  •  web developer
  • Laravel Developer

The strength in your qualification

 Job placement after attending this Boot Camp

To book a space for this Laravel Boot camp starting  1st week of January 2018 complete the form below and we will call you within the hour

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