About Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of analyzing your site and modifying it to enable search engines to read it, understand it and index (or catalog) it correctly. This is not rewriting the site or changing the look and feel. It is subtle changes, adding or modifying inconspicuous visible and invisible text so that the search engines can read the site. SEO is not ‘spamming’ the search engines – it is simply helping the search engines help you.

Course Outline

Understanding the SEO Process

  • Introducing Search Engine Optimization
  • Consider SEO Techniques
  • Discover Search Engine Optimization
  • Understanding How People Use Search
  • Using Different Types of Searches
  • Understanding the Search Page Layout
  • Explore Different Search Engines
  • Set Up a Default Search Engine
  • Building an SEO Friendly Website
    • Plan for an Optimized Website
    • Create a Website Sitemap
    • Create a Robotstxt File
    • Using the Nofollow Attribute
    • Build an htaccess File
    • Protect Website Images with htaccess
    • Redirect Non-WWW Traffic to WWW
    • Work with 301 Redirects
    • Scan Errors with W3C Markup Validation
  • Mastering Keywords
    • Understanding Keywords
    • Analyze Keywords with SEMrush
    • Analyze Bing Search with SEMrush
    • Analyze Keywords with Keyword Discovery
    • Compare Keywords with Yahoo Clues
    • Work with the YouTube Keyword Tool
    • Analyze Your Website with Web SEO Analytics
  • Building On-Page SEO
    • Build an HTML Document
    • Add a Page Title Meta Tag
    • Add a Page Description Meta Tag
    • Add a Page Keyword Meta Tag
    • Add Author and Copyright Meta Tags
    • Save an HTML Document
    • Optimize Image Filenames and Alt Attributes
    • Optimize Your Website Content
  • Building Off-Page SEO
    • Find the Domain History
    • Review Website Backlinks
    • Gather Website Information
    • Compare Traffic for Websites
    • Check a Link Partner’s Page Rank
    • Submit Your Website to a Link Directory
    • Submit to the Article Directories
    • Get Paid Backlinks
    • Write Guest Posts
    • Submit Press Releases
    • Submit Your Site to Link Exchange
    • Request a Link Exchange
  • Working with Content
    • Build Optimized Content
    • Check Duplicated Content
    • Compare Website Content
    • Check Content Grammar and Spelling
    • Check Keyword Density
    • Create a RSS Feed with FeedBurner
    • Create a Feed Subscription Form
    • Work with Professional Writing Services
  • Using Search Engine Webmaster Tools
    • Add a Website to a Google Webmaster Account
    • Verify Your Website for Google Webmaster Tools
    • Submit a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
    • Configure Google Webmaster Tools Settings
    • Check for Google Crawling Errors
    • Preview Your Website as Googlebots
    • Submit a Website to the Bing Webmaster
    • Use the Bing SEO Analyzer

Careers benefits of this course

  • seo specialist

The strength in your qualification

On successful completion of SEO Boot Camp, the learner will receive the Pine Valley Institute  Certificate in SEO.  which guarantees the graduate employment in any reputable company

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